50 Things to do in Europe BEFORE you Die

  • Post by Kylie Campbell
  • Dec 27, 2020

Now before I started this list, I didn’t plan on 50…it just actually came to that when I thought about each country in Europe and what I REALLY think should be done before you die.

You have things like climb the eiffel tower, see the Mona Lisa, take the London Eye, take train through Switzerland…etc. But this is my list cause I think these things either changed me or really were something that I continue to remember. I was actually a little bit surprised by the number in some countries and none in ones I really enjoy, but nothing really stood out as “HAVE TO DO”. (And yes, I've done all of these things!)

So you may agree or disagree and maybe 10 years ago my list would have been see st peters cathedral, see notre dame cathedral….but life is full of experience:

1. Iceland – Swim in Blue lagoon in iceland in winter surrounded by snow-capped mountains

2. Ireland – See the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland

3. Ireland – Drive the Ring of Kerry in Ireland

4. Ireland – Have a Guiness in Dublin Brewery

5. Scotland – Visit the Isle of Skye in Scotland

6. Scotland – Swim in Loch Ness

7. Scotland – Spend Hogmany in Edinburgh

8. Scotland – Go Wild camping in Cairngorms

9. Scotland – Attend a Fringe Festival Event

10. Scotland – Dance a Ceilidh

11. Scotland – Eat Haggis & Whisky

12. Scotland – Learn to Windsurf on a Loch

13. Scotland – Go Bungee Jumping

14. England – See a Broadway Show in London

15. England – Go to the airport and take the next flight out

16. England – Ride at the front of a double-decker bus

17. Spain – See a Flamenco Show

18. Spain – Eat Tapas, sangria, calimoxo

19. Spain – See a bull fight

20. Spain – Take siesta

21. France – Hitch hike in France

22. France – Eat snails and fois gras

23. Ireland – Learn to Surf in Bundoran

24. France – Go paragliding in the French Alps

25. France – Learn to Ski

26. France – Take a cruise on the Seine

27. France – Climb the steps of the Sacre Coer

28. Netherlands – Smoke your first joint

29. Belgium – Eat chocolate and chips with Mayo

30. Belgium – Drink as many different types of beer in one night in Bruges

31. Austria – Visit Christmas Markets in Vienna

32. Austria – Drink mulled wine

33. Denmark – Have a White christmas

34. Austria – Attend an Austrian Ball

35. Croatia – Walk the city walls of Dubrovnik

36. Croatia – Go snorkelling in the Adriatic

37. Poland – Eat Perogi and Vodka

38. Poland – Visit Schindler’s factory museum

39. Bosnia & Herzegovina – Visit the tunnels of Sarajevo

40. Germany – Go to Oktoberfest

41. Hungary – Visit the outdoor thermal baths

42. Serbia – Go to a disco or bar on a boat in Belgrade

43. Greece – See the sunset on Santorini

44. Macedonia – See the sunset on Lake Ohrid

45. Austria – go to Snowbombing music festival in the alps

46. Romania – Spend Halloween in Transylvannia

47. Finland – Take the overnight ferry from st petersburg to helsinki

48. Ukraine – Take an overnight train

49. Romania – Take overnight train from Bucharest to Chisinau

50. Moldova – Visit milisti mici